There’s nothing like seeing a kid doing something cute to make you feel good. That’s why the Internet is full of cute kid videos. A recent entry into the feel good videos of cute kids category is Kyoot Kids’ latest, "Cute Tot Can't Find Fork." In the video, a little boy can’t find his fork for the life of him, even though it’s in his hand the whole time. 

At the start of the video, the tot is seated at a table with a bowl of food in front of him. He is wearing a bib with a crab on it. The boy blurts out to his mom who is filming, “My fork. My fork.” Then the child’s mom asks, “Where’s your fork?” The little boy shakes his head and adorably says, “I not know.” 

Another child off camera yells, "It’s right over there.” The little boy looks around for the fork. He looks left. He looks right. He looks in his bowl of food for the fork, but can’t find it. Eventually, the boy finds the fork when his mom tells him it’s in his hand. Then he says, “I find ‘em.” The mom and other child start laughing as the tot uses his fork to dig into his meal. 

The video has been viewed more than 200,000 times. The YouTubers who commented on the video overwhelmingly thought the video was entertaining.  

Bennett's Playtime, wrote, “Aww! He's so excited when he finally "finds" it. Cute kid.” 

Other people thought the toddler knew what was happening the whole time and was just hamming it up for the camera. 

DumbTomato commented, “Could it be the kid is pretending not to know where it is for attention? My niece did something like that where she pretended to not be able to tell colors apart but did the color dot number test thing just fine.”

Watch the hilarious video below.